STEP 3: Journey to more calm and patience


Journey to more calm and patience

In this series of 4 videos, you’ll:

  1. Understand the relationship between external triggers and your internal landscape
  2. Learn to get past our own judgements around anger
  3. Techniques and guided experience to shift your energy from ‘anger’ to ‘calm’

1. Triggers: Understand ways to identify and address your anger. You will discover ways to identify your anger triggers and approach them in a new way that empowers you. You will feel the grace and ease of self-forgiveness as you look at anger more objectively. Rajshree leads you on a journey of awareness as you release judgement of yourself and move more into self-love



2. Judgements about Anger: In this video, Rajshree brings awareness to how we have judgements around anger and how to move past them.




3. Transforming AngerEnjoy this guided experience that can shift your energies from anger to a calmer state of mind. Through this exercise, you will release stuck energies in the body. You can take this effective tool with you, adding it to you daily practice to enhance your life and have more control over the effects of anger on your body and mind




4. Transforming Memories: Discover a powerful tool for your personal transformation. This proven technique will bring you from anger back into a calm state of mind. You’ll never look at anger the same way again.