Sleep Better

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1. Welcome and Intro

Author: Sugihono Budiman

In this video, meet mind and meditation expert Rajshree Patel and discover a new approach to sleep. Through this course, you will find a set of effective and simple techniques…

2. Beyond the Obvious

Author: Sugihono Budiman

In this video, Rajshree explains how a lack of sleep can affect your life, including your immune response, health issues, focus, clarity. Rajshree poses a series of questions to help…

3. The Right Environment

Author: Sugihono Budiman

Your sleeping environment goes a long way in helping or hindering your ability to sleep well and awaken fully rested and renewed. In this illuminating video, Rajshree reveals secrets to…

4. The How

Author: Sugihono Budiman

In this video, internationally renowned author, Rajshree Patel gives proven, effective tips on shifting your mindset, as the mind can be counterproductive to sleep if thoughts are not managed. You’ll…

5. Coming Out

Author: Sugihono Budiman

There are ancient breathing techniques that you can use to sleep better. Yes, and they may be simpler than you think. Rajshree Patel, illustrates a powerfully effective method of breathing…

6. What Scientists Say

Author: Sugihono Budiman

There is a science behind the methods introduced in this video, and Rajshree Patel invites research scientist Ronnie Newman to give you a wealth of guidelines to help you make…