STEP 1: Journey to Reduce Stress


Journey to Less Stress

In this series of 6 videos, you’ll:
Understand what causes stress and what really needs to be addressed to reduce it

  1. Explore the deep connection between your body and mind
  2. Learn about the ‘Golden Key’ to managing stress
  3. Learn techniques to instantly calm yourself and increase clarity and focus

1. What is it Doing to Me: In this video, celebrated mind and meditation expert, Rajshree Patel enlightens you about what stress is and how it negatively affects your body. You’ll learn the causes of stress and how it affects your body chemistry. Stress causes changes in our bodies, and it can have a cumulative effect in our lives. Find out now.


2. Trigger Points: Explore the deep connection between your body and mind. In this video, renowned author and mind-management expert, Rajshree Patel reviews hidden ways that your mind and body are linked on so many levels. Discover the mind’s role in your stress levels and bring awareness to its importance in gaining more control. You’ll find out what triggers you and how it happens.



3. The Key Within Your Breath: Perhaps breath is the ‘Golden Key’ you’ve been searching for. In this video, Rajshree shows you how it just may be. Take her illuminating ride through your mind, body and emotions in this enlightening and transformative video. You’ll learn a technique for calming yourself almost instantly.



4. Stress & Productivity: Measuring productivity across a never-ending-to-do list is not easy. In this video, renowned happiness expert, Rajshree Patel takes you on a journey from stress to peace with a simple but effective technique you can use every day to bring clarity and focus – just what you need to make better decisions and be a more effective problem-solver



5. The Science of Breath: Learn how breathing positively affects your health, life outcomes and success. In this video, research scientist Ronnie Newman shares about the benefits of using the breath in special ways that can bring you more calm and presence in several aspects of life, including some of the most important ones. Learn about the scientifically proven, time-tested, effective techniques that can bring you closer to your best life possible.




6. Next Steps: In this concluding video, Rajshree talks about applying these techniques directly to your life.