STEP 2: Journey to Better Sleep


Journey to Better Sleep

In this series of 6 videos, you’ll:
1. Understand how to optimize your sleep
2. Learn to create the right environment to sleep well
3. Get insight into the connection between your thoughts and quality of sleep
4. Learn ancient tools and techniques to fall asleep and maximize the quality of your sleep
5. Experience a guided meditation to slip into sleep effortlessly

Welcome and Intro: In this video, meet mind and meditation expert Rajshree Patel and discover a new approach to sleep. Through this course, you will find a set of effective and simple techniques to enhance the quality of your rest. Welcome and enjoy!



1. Beyond the Obvious: In this video, Rajshree explains how a lack of sleep can affect your life, including your immune response, health issues, focus, clarity. Rajshree poses a series of questions to help you discern whether you’re getting quality sleep and gives insight into what you need for optimal sleep conditions. You will also learn a fantastic tip for getting your best sleep yet. What is sleep deprivation, insomnia, and other sleep challenges doing to your body. Find out now.




2. The Right Environment: Your sleeping environment goes a long way in helping or hindering your ability to sleep well and awaken fully rested and renewed. In this illuminating video, Rajshree reveals secrets to sleep preparations and creating your ideal physical environment for your best rest and relaxation. You will learn how to create an energetic and physical space to allow sleep to come to you more naturally.




3. The How: In this video, internationally renowned author, Rajshree Patel gives proven, effective tips on shifting your mindset, as the mind can be counterproductive to sleep if thoughts are not managed. You’ll discover how to shift your thoughts in a matter of minutes. In addition, you’ll learn a breathing technique conducive to sleep preparation and relaxation. You can use both these tools again and again to lead you more quickly toward the sleep you so need and deserve.


4. Coming Out: There are ancient breathing techniques that you can use to sleep better. Yes, and they may be simpler than you think. Rajshree Patel, illustrates a powerfully effective method of breathing to help you reach sleep more quickly and effortlessly. The method is simple and practical. You will discover this helpful tool and practice it to use in your everyday life. Watch to see how easy it can be.





5. What Scientists Say: There is a science behind the methods introduced in this video, and Rajshree Patel invites research scientist Ronnie Newman to give you a wealth of guidelines to help you make sure you’re doing all you can to get your best sleep possible. Ronnie gives you the tips, the reasons, and the research backing it all up. Buckle up for some scientifically based pointers on getting quality sleep. Watch and discover.




6. The Hack: Calming the mind through a simple routine that involves scientifically proven and time-tested yogic breathing technique. In this video, Rajshree highlights the importance of being present, what it is, and how to achieve it. You will learn how to use it to enhance your quality of sleep and thus your quality of life. In addition, Rajshree leads you on an amazing journey—a guided meditation you can enjoy and allow yourself to slip into sleep effortlessly and easily. What a beautiful gift! Enjoy….